Mangrove Teens

Regent’s is proud to support our Mangrove Teens, a group of students dedicated to improving the environment by planting trees.
“As Regent’s students we are participating in a project called ‘Mangrove Teens’. Our goal is to plant 250,000 trees this year. We are students who have gathered to accomplish one goal which is to make changes to our planet. We want to be the change since we believe that small changes are the start of a bigger change. Our main objective is to raise awareness about this project within our community. As Regent’s students, we want to provide the greener world for our next generation with our passion and ambitions. This matches the Regent’s Round Square philosophy of developing holistically with special attention to environmental awareness.
Since this is our own project being led by students we therefore have to raise our own funds using our own creativity. We are selling eco-theme stickers. Please support us by visiting our Instagram account. All money that we receive will be spent on buying and planting mangrove trees for a brighter future to fight against climate changes!”